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Empire 8.0 is here! 🔥
Empire 8.0 is here! 🔥
Highway to Black Friday 2021: Offer inspiration!

Highway to Black Friday 2021: Offer inspiration!

We’re getting so close to the big weekend! Each year we see merchants get started a bit earlier so we're here to give you a crash course on the offer types we’re most excited about to get you inspired and set up in no time!

Merchants made over $25 million with Ultimate Special Offers during BFCM 2020. This year, we’re expecting even greater sales, and we don't want you to miss our team favourites: Post-Purchase, Volume, and Bundle offers!


 Post Purchase Upsell screenshot

Our latest offer type is making its Black Friday debut! It’s also available to any merchant on our Ultimate plan at no added cost. Post-Purchase Upsell is a cherry on top of your customers' order. Once an eligible order goes through the checkout, a final page will pop up offering the products of your choice. You can offer a sweet discount or keep it at regular price if it’s a great combo with your customers' purchase. Your customer gets a great experience and you get a chance to increase your order value.


Volume screenshot

The Volume offer is a Pixel Union team favourite! It consistently suggests higher order volume to unlock more of a discount- perfect for Black Friday. If you’re using Bulk offers, which cover a single quantity goal and discount, try Volume to level up your sale! This offer displays a table in your product page to help guide customers, then seals the deal in the cart page with a prompt to meet the next tier.

If a single-product Volume offer isn’t what you need- save your tears and your tiers. You don’t need to limit tiers to each product. Try setting tiers for a whole collection to encourage more shopping!


Bundle screenshot

Here’s an offer that can show off your product expertise! Use your sales data and product knowledge to make attention-grabbing bundles. This offer type can help you curate the shopping for your customer, as if you were there in store, making a recommendation. Get creative and have some fun, then your Bundle offer can make your customers drop a bundle, too.

Offer Stacking

Looking to launch multiple offers for your sale? We think that’s a great idea! As a general rule, we recommend targeting products with a single offer each but that still leaves a lot of room for offers.

Two offers you don’t need to worry about overlapping with others are Gift and Goal! These two offer types are based on a spend goal. So any combination of products can be added to the cart. You can still specify which collections, products or variants trigger a gift or a discount but these are a great way to increase your order value overall if you keep the targets broad.

That’s what’s getting us excited over here! We hope these offers can help push your sale season to the next level. If you have any questions from there, keep in touch!

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