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7 shiny new stores using BigCommerce’s Stencil framework

7 shiny new stores using BigCommerce’s Stencil framework

The early bird gets the worm—we’ve all heard that. In this case, the proverbial worm is a shiny new ecommerce site for a whole bunch of brands who've launched stores on BigCommerce’s revamped theme framework, Stencil, in the last few months.

We were invited to take a leading role in looking at ecommerce merchant needs when BigCommerce was working on their new framework, and subsequently we launched a batch of brand new themes for Stencil earlier this year.

As much fun as it is to conceptualize, design, and develop new ecommerce themes, the experience is nothing until we’ve seen how merchants actually use them to create stores that look great and generate exceptional sales results. From fine jewelry to health supplements, it's great to see these new storefronts being launched and taking advantage of the themes we worked so hard on. Here’s a selection of stores that stood out to us.



Kate Szabone - Capacity Clean

Kate Szabone Jewelry

When Kate Szabone chose Capacity Clean for her store, she created a storefront almost as stunning as the diamond rings, earrings and necklaces she sells. Her designs sparkle in Capacity’s modular header area, while her detailed product pages have a decidedly bookmarkable quality. Customizable mega-navigation and product filtering keep Kate’s sizeable catalogue tidy and accessible, letting future brides and grooms find their dream bling in no time.



Made to Measure - Lookbook Standard


Made by Measure

Made by Measure makes custom-fit men’s button-up shirts to suit any occasion. Their core philosophy: details matter. It’s fitting, then, that they chose Lookbook, a theme that immerses customers in a dual-column product grid and draws attention to details that might get lost in any other theme. They’ve also got a super-handy collar and cuff index, just in case you've forgotten what a German cuff looks like.



The Chocolatier - Chelsea Bright


The Chocolatier

We designed Chelsea for merchants who want to let their products tell the story—and the story The Chocolatier tells is mouth-watering. With larger-than-life imagery and elegant typography, even the most resolute dieters will have trouble keeping their mouse away from the “Add to Cart” button. We especially love how they’ve customized the navigation to include a dedicated page for gift ideas. There’s no shame in purchasing that red-foiled chocolate heart for yourself. We won’t tell.



RAW Forest Foods - Arcade Light


RAW Forest Foods

Mountain harvest pine pollen—that’s what RAW Forest Foods sells, and you know it the moment you land on their site. But how many of us know what pine pollen is or what its benefits are? That’s where Arcade’s feature-rich product pages come in. RAW uses image galleries to shed light on their products’ ingredients, providing specifics about their formulas in the product description. They’ve also taken full advantage of customer reviews—a no-brainer when your product “gives you your life back.”



The Bearded Chap - Capacity Warm


The Bearded Chap

The Bearded Chap has allegedly had facial hair since he came out of his mother’s womb in 1986. We’re not so sure about that, but we know he sells some damn fine beard grooming products. Why? Because he uses Capacity’s ultra-cool customizable header to tell us so. (The tongue-in-cheek product claims—“intoxicating scent for the ladies”—and enthusiastic reviews don’t hurt either.) The Bearded Chap also does a bang-up job of educating customers and creating community through his blog. #LatherUp!



Redverz - Venture Bright


Redverz Gear

OK, we’ll admit it. We included Redverz Gear because we think their motorcycle expedition tents are some of the best-designed products we’ve seen recently. But they’ve also created a pretty slick online store with our Venture Bright theme, leveraging customer testimonials and product reviews to drive sales. We love their super-crisp product photography and the tabbed content they’ve included in their product pages. It’s a great way of conveying the nitty-gritty of a product without overwhelming customers.



Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.49.31 PM


Chicory Farm Soap

Soho is a bright and playful theme, and from what we can tell from Chicory Farm Soap’s online store, they’re a bright and playful company. Who knew adorable goats make incredible soap? Soho’s colourful rounded buttons and low-key animations are a perfect match for Chicory’s artisanal, country vibe, reinforced by their “Shop Local” page and down-to-earth blog. Consider us sold.

We’re excited to see more stores launching every day on BigCommerce. Hopefully these examples give you some inspiration for your store!

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