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Pixelpop for BigCommerce: Popups, banners and more

Pixelpop for BigCommerce: Popups, banners and more

When we redesigned BigCommerce’s theme marketplace last year, we put thousands of hours into solving the question of how ecommerce merchants can create better experiences for their customers. We think online storefronts should look beautiful, and they should also be well-organized, easy to navigate, and communicate a consistent brand story.

We took a similar approach when we designed Pixelpop, our all-in-one popup app that takes the merchant experience a step further, letting store owners actually engage with their customers by creating popups and banners to grow their mailing list, promote special offers, advertise new collections, and more.

Today we’re excited to report that Pixelpop is available in the BigCommerce app store. That means thousands more merchants will be able to grow their businesses with Pixelpop’s easy-to-use popup editor, MailChimp integration, and suite of cool features like exit-intent delays and advanced targeting.

We wrote a lot more about what Pixelpop can do over on the BigCommerce blog. If you want to find out how you can engage your audience better and get the most out of every visitor to your store, you should head over there and give it a read!

» Read "The Power of Popup Design" on the BigCommerce blog

» Check out Pixelpop in the BigCommerce app store

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