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Empire 8.0 is here! 🔥
Empire 8.0 is here! 🔥

Pixel Union Theme Toolkit


We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Pixel Union community and show you everything you need to know about working with Pixel Union. As Shopify’s most trusted partner, we take pride in offering exceptional themes, apps, and services to support merchants like yourself in your goal to grow your business with Shopify.

Let’s get your brand-new theme ready for business.


While this helpful guide covers a lot of ground, it may not answer every question.

For questions about using your new theme, our Help Center provides a collection of insightful articles about Pixel Union’s themes and other Shopify-related topics.

You can also contact our Theme Support team when you need help. We're online Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST/PDT. We do our best to keep our support timely, but you can see an up to date estimate on our form here as you submit a ticket.


You're selling on Shopify, so you’re part of a supportive ecommerce community sharing a wealth of knowledge and useful resources to help you grow your business.

Here at Pixel Union, our Blog should keep you up to date with platform updates and in the loop with ever-changing best practices. You can subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get great resources delivered right to your inbox.

Maybe you need to talk something through? We also manage our very own Merchant Collective where you can connect with other business owners. You can also follow us on PinterestTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Last but not least, we see some great communities through Reddit, Facebook, and Shopify’s Community Forum and Compass Courses as well!


Our themes are powerful tools in creating a strong online business and we have some great resources to teach you the skills needed to use the tool effectively.

If you’re just starting out in ecommerce, we have some great starting points and advice for new merchants in The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Store.

Be sure to bookmark our Help Center, it’s always improving based on questions we get from our merchants!


Our Themes are created by designers with years of experience in the ecommerce space and they stay ahead of best practices, changing trends, and accessibility improvements. We also understand that as a merchant, you may have specific goals in mind which can require customizing the theme code itself.

If you’re up for the challenge and want to try making code changes yourself, we’ve made a video outlining the steps involved for CSS adjustments!

If your time is better spent on other aspects of your business, we do offer custom work through Paid Customizations. Through this service, our Support team is able to take on small adjustments to existing elements in a theme. They are familiar with our themes and can offer competitive pricing for small tweaks!

If you have more advanced customization ideas in mind, the folks at Storetasker can help. They're Shopify experts who have helped hundreds of Pixel Union merchants fine-tune their stores, add features, and execute design updates.

For more information about Shopify theme customizations, check out our blog post on the do's and don'ts of customizing your Shopify theme.


We regularly release updates to our themes to improve performance, fix bugs, and add new features. Updating makes sure you’re leveraging the work we’ve released! The process can be straightforward or a little more complex, depending on whether you've customized your theme's code.


It can be helpful to bookmark your theme’s release notes to stay informed on new versions and what they include. You don’t need to update everytime we put out a new version but we do recommend updating twice a year or when the features are a great fit for your needs. The release notes can help you decide when is the best time for your store to upgrade.


There are manual and automatic options for updating, but whichever works for you, registering your theme is a key step in syncing your purchase with your store. You can register via the Theme Updater app. If you have questions about this, here’s a support article with some additional information about theme registration.

Once registered, you can decide if the Theme Updater app is the right fit for you. It will ensure you receive a new default file easily whenever you need it. You don’t even need to be on the paid plan for this! While the app is the quickest method, if you purchased the theme on our site at, you can also reach out to our team to manually send a new file.


Pro Tip: If you've customized your theme's code, it's a great idea to keep a list of changes and what files are involved. That way, when it comes time to update your Shopify theme, if any of your changes are lost during the update process, you can easily find them and implement them again.


We're always looking for ways to improve our themes, so keep us in the loop if you find a bug. If you have a feature request, we have a portal to either upvote existing suggestions or to submit your own! Just select your theme from the tabs along the top.


Apps can be a great way to add more control and functionality for your specific needs, but did you know that apps install their own code in your theme? This happens in a few ways: sometimes they inject it immediately, sometimes they only inject the code to the published theme file, and sometimes they require a manual code installation!

Each app's developers is familiar with what their own app needs and how it should work, so they are equipped to troubleshoot any issues that might appear in the theme after integration.

Here at Pixel Union, we have some apps of our own as part of our Toolkit to help you sell more! We’ve grouped them by how they can help. 

Increasing communication


Our Pixelpop app helps create great looking popups and banners to drive email signups, highlight sales, target specific customers with a message, and more! This is a great way to communicate a wide range of messages in an engaging way.


Smart Shipping Bar

Want to show your customers how close they are to free shipping without making them go to the cart or checkout? Our Smart Shipping Bar app communicates just how far your customer needs to go with a visible bar in the header while they shop.

Creating discounts

Ultimate Special Offers

Ensure your retail shoppers get discounts automatically applied in the checkout with our Ultimate Special Offers app. We’ve built 8 different offer types so you can create exciting sales with different goals in mind from increasing average order value with our BOGO or Goal offers  to increasing the number of products per order with our Bundle and Volume offers, and much more.

Wholesale Club

We support your wholesale needs as well with our Wholesale Club app. You can create multiple customer groups so when your customer logs in on your storefront, they get their specific discounts and order requirements. We’ve made a video that covers how it works here

Creating incentives


Social proof is hugely important in fostering trust with your customers. If you can show that other customers trust you, it’s much easier for new customers to buy-in. When you make sales, display them on your storefront. It’s like seeing people walking around with a shopping bag full of your products. Our Bizzy app does this on your storefront! 

Countdown Sales Timer

Finally, show how much time is left on a sale with our Countdown Sales Timer app to drive a sense of urgency and set expectations so your customers know just how much time they have to get a great deal!



Setting up shop is different for every merchant and we’ve seen it all! Our team is here to help with advice, solutions, and options to help you get up and running.

If you have a technical question or issue, our Support form is here and it can also set expectations for our current queue!

We hope you’re able to use the tips and tools in this guide to grow your business, and we’re glad to have you as a part of the Pixel Union community!