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Wholesale Club Add-ons


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Find the right fit for your wholesale business by choosing from our available Wholesale Club feature add-ons. Advanced Minimums, Custom Prices, and Volume Discounts are included in your initial 7 day free trial of Wholesale Club! After that, each additional feature is subject to a one-time installation fee and can be added to your Wholesale Club account at any time. Read more about each great add-on below.

To enable a feature, send an email to .

Note: Due to the extra coding involved to implement Net Terms and the Quick Order Form, they currently cannot be included in a trial.

Advanced Minimums

- $99

Increase the value of every wholesale order by setting minimum order quantities at the variant, product, or collection level. With Advanced Minimums enabled, you can create different minimum order quantity rules for different customer groups.

If a customer’s cart does not meet your Advanced Minimums requirements, they will receive a notification on the cart page to inform them that they will need to adjust their order before they can check out.


Custom Prices

- $99

Gain more control over your wholesale pricing by setting a new price for each of your products and variants. Instead of discounting collections by a percentage of the original retail price, enter the exact price you want your wholesale customers to pay, down to the cent. Prices can be created in the Custom Prices page of the app or imported in bulk via a CSV file to save you time.


Volume Discounts

- $99

Incentivize wholesale customers with tiered discounts that can be earned by increasing their order. Volume Discounts can be triggered by the total number of products in the cart, the quantity of each product, or even the total dollar value of the cart. These tiered discounts are applied in addition to the wholesale discounts available to your customers and feature an upsell notification on the cart page.


Net Terms

- $99

Allow your wholesale customers to order with Net Terms and provide them with the opportunity to sell your products at retail price before collecting payment for their order. The terms of payment as well as the collection of payment, remains under your control. This feature allows you to create Net Terms orders as Final orders or Draft orders , depending on what best suits your workflow.

Quick Order Form

- $40

Provide your frequent wholesale customers with an easy to use order form. Your customers will be able to add products to their cart from a single page, saving them time and reducing the pathway to purchase. Choose to display all of your wholesale products, or a select few, within the Quick Order Form.

View this feature in action in our demo store .

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