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Preset: Startup - Tech
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The perfect Shopify theme for Direct-to-Consumer merchants with small catalogs.

Our latest update features an enhanced testimonials section that’s fully customizable and designed to showcase your best customer reviews. 

Current version & release notes (as of Feb 1/22): 
Startup 11.0.1

Now compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0!

FeaturesLearn more about the features this theme has to offer.
Optimized for small catalogs

Startup is built for single-product and small-catalog stores, with the ability to scale as your business grows.

Multi-column menu

Allow customers to navigate your store with a large, multi-column drop-down menu.

Optimized for large images

Show off your products with high-resolution product imagery throughout your store.

Multiple content widths

Container width options give you the best fit and frame for your content.

Multiple product page layouts

Choose from multiple product page layouts to create the best shopping experience for your customers.

Customizable icon and text tiles

Highlight product features, company values, and more with custom icons and text.

All of our Shopify themes come with the following features
  • Free customer support
  • Free theme updates
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Customizable layout
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Modular design
  • Integrated social feeds
  • Social media icons
  • Search engine optimization
  • Drop-down navigation support

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AnswersGet answers to common questions about this theme.
How do I install the theme once I’ve purchased it?

Easy! We’ll email you a zip file, which you can upload via the “Online Store” section of your Shopify admin. Simply click “Upload theme” and it will be there for you to customize, preview, and publish when you’re ready.

Does this theme work with larger-sized catalogs?

Yes, it does. Startup is built to scale as your company grows. Although it is optimized for single-product stores, Startup also works with larger catalogs.

Can I customize the theme styles? Or can I use one theme style on one page and another style on a different page?

Yes and yes! We created these theme styles to show the diversity of Startup’s features, but you can pick and choose however you want. Think of the styles as jumping-off points.

Can I use our company’s font?

Maybe. If your company’s font is available in the Shopify font library or through Typekit, you can use it in the theme. If it’s a Typekit font, you will need to edit your theme’s code

Can you help me customize the theme?

We can help you get set up and familiarize yourself with Startup’s features, but we can’t guarantee support for extensive customizations. That said, we’ll do whatever we can to help you find a viable solution.

Does this theme integrate with all Shopify apps?

Not all, but many! All Pixel Union themes integrate with Pixel Union apps. If you’re using an app from another developer, please contact them to see if it plays well with Startup.

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