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Preset: Atlantic - Organic

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A classic Shopify theme that has stood the test of time. Build your business with a flexible theme proven to help stores grow.

Theme will be delivered by email once purchased.

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FeaturesLearn more about the features this theme has to offer.
Optimized for large catalogs

Atlantic is specially built for online stores with a large number of products and collections.

Multi-column menu

Use a multi-column drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store.

Quick buy

Allow customers to quickly add items to their cart without leaving the collections page.

Product image zoom

Give customers a closer look at product details when they hover over images on product pages.

Live search

Atlantic’s live search lets you show search results and quick links for products and store pages.

Customizable header

Create a unified, brand-focused shopping experience with Atlantic's customizable site-wide header.

All of our Shopify themes come with the following features
  • Free customer support
  • Free theme updates
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Customizable layout
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Modular design
  • Integrated social feeds
  • Social media icons
  • Search engine optimization
  • Drop-down navigation support

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AnswersGet answers to common questions about this theme.
How do I install the theme once I’ve purchased it?

Easy! We’ll email you a zip file, which you can upload via the “Online Store” section of your Shopify admin. Simply click “Upload theme” and it will be there for you to customize, preview, and publish when you’re ready.

Can I customize the theme styles? Or can I use one theme style on one page and another style on a different page?

Yes and yes! We created these theme styles to show the diversity of Atlantic’s features, but you can pick and choose however you want. Think of the styles as jumping-off points.

Can I use our company’s font?

Maybe. If your company’s font is available in the Shopify font library or through Typekit, you can use it in the theme. If it’s a Typekit font, you will need to edit your theme’s code

Can you help me customize the theme?

We can help you get set up and familiarize yourself with Atlantic’s features, but we can’t guarantee support for extensive customizations. That said, we’ll do whatever we can to help you find a viable solution.

Does this theme integrate with all Shopify apps?

Not all, but many! All Pixel Union themes integrate with Pixel Union apps. If you’re using an app from another developer, please contact them to see if it plays well with Atlantic.

UpdatesThis theme was last updated on June 2nd, 2021.

June 2nd, 2021 - v14.7.3


  • Removed extra render tag from static header

Using an old version of Atlantic?

Update using the Theme Updater App 

Please note that the Theme Updater App is compatible with Atlantic versions 12.2.0 and up. Earlier theme versions require a manual update.

June 2nd, 2021 - v14.7.2


  • Shop Pay installments info will now be displayed in supported stores

March 17th, 2021 - v14.7.1


  • Issue where you couldn't log into a password protected store using the storefront password
  • Issue where the custom image was not displaying on password page

February 10th, 2021 - v14.7.0


  • Add preconnect
  • Add preload attr for CSS, fonts, and JS
  • Add font-display: swap
  • Use async or defer for scripts
  • Display the selling plan in a theme by referencing the API property (subscription compatibility)


  • Remove LQIP
  • Update cart pages and any AJAX carts to display a selling plan name on line items if present (subscription compatibility)
  • Update order pages to display a selling plan name on line items if present (subscription compatibility)

December 1st, 2020 - v14.6.1

  • The newsletter form in the footer now works more reliably.

October 26th, 2020 - v14.6.0



  • Article pages now properly display the full article and comments

October 7th, 2020 - v14.5.3


  • Product prices are appearing on the collection page once again

September 15th, 2020 - v14.5.2


  • Footer currency and language selectors will no longer prevent clicks on underlying elements when closed.
  • Images with transparent backgrounds will no longer be filled in with a grey background
  • The "show secondary image on hover" option for product cards now works better with natural aspect ratios
  • The home page slideshow now properly resizes height when changing slides
  • We have fixed the link to the subcollection help documentation in the theme editor


  • We have removed the default social media sharing image setting and we now defer to the setting in the Shopify admin
  • The home page slideshow will no longer cause the Google mobile-friendly test to fail
  • Theme code now usesrender exclusively, instead of include

July 22nd, 2020 - v14.5.1


  • Issue with JavaScript being in developer mode

July 14th, 2020 - v14.5.0



  • Solved some subtle color mapping bugs across the theme
  • "Capitalize headings" setting works again

June 10th, 2020 - v14.4.0


  • Stylesheet no longer uses SCSS, so settings update much faster in the theme editor

April 9th, 2020 - v14.3.0


  • On small screens, the collection list page layout now shows 2 collections per row instead of 4 very very narrow collections.
  • Tweaked favicon setting to improve image quality
  • We have fixed a bug that prevented homepage videos from playing.
  • 'Show product info on hover' setting now works properly when 'show add-to-cart button' and 'enable quick shop' are both disabled.
  • The newsletter in the footer now displays a confirmation message when the user signs up successfully.
  • Pinterest 'Share' button now links the product and blog post image to the Pinterest Pin.
  • Adjusted the Logo List section's spacing to avoid any added white-space on mobile.



February 11th, 2020 - v14.2.1


  • Instagram section has been removed. The API has been deprecated with no suitable replacement so from now on you'll need to switch to using an app.

January 30th, 2020 - v14.2.0


  • Updated to use new product media component

January 14th, 2020 - v14.1.3


  • Tabs in product descriptions now appear as accordions on mobile, for better usability.


  • Images will no longer appear stretched on static pages
  • Slideshow images sometimes jumped on page load - now they don't
  • The form on the contact page now displays nicely below text content, instead of squished to the side
  • Settings for product grid no longer appear on sub collection list pages - they don't apply here, so it was just confusing.
  • Image zoom now works when your product gallery is set to "Display as list"
  • "Price", "Quantity", "Total", and "Remove" on the cart page can now be translated.
  • The Quickshop > Cart redirection setting now applies to the product card add-to-cart button as well

November 19th, 2019 - v14.1.2


  • Fixed structured data outputting an empty itemListElement array


  • We have moved all of the 'Learn more' links from the label attribute to the info attribute in the theme editor

August 15th, 2019 – v14.1.1

  • Removed our website link from the footer
  • Tweaked styling for dynamic checkout buttons
  • Long slideshow headings will now wrap on mobile devices
  • Natural height slideshow images now display at their natural height
June 24th, 2019 – v14.1.0
  • Cart page now uses ajax to update quantity, for a faster, better user experience
  • Cart and order pages now display Shopify discounts
  • Support link in the Theme editor now points to our new support form
  • Minicart, live search, and quickshop are now loaded using a new library we wrote
  • Added a heading to the Twitter section
  • Removed Google+
  • Added centered text alignments for slideshow
  • Removed the imagesLoaded code library to use our own library, hopefully making page loads more streamlined.
  • We are now using Shopify’s built-in sort options on the collection page!
  • We’re now using a more robust currency converter
  • Increase width of store name in breakpoints less than 960px
  • Related products is now Product recommendations, and uses the Shopify recommendations API
  • Slideshow no longer disappears on medium screen sizes
  • Home page collection cards had some out of date border styling, so we fixed it
  • Add to cart buttons now work properly in IE 11
  • Sidebar headings on static page templates are now perfectly aligned
  • Footer newsletter field now displays properly on iPhone 5 sized screens
  • Links and text within collection promo blocks are now all the same size
  • Fixed font color in mobile navigation currency selection
  • You can now wrap HTML in your currency formatting without breaking the currency converter
  • The quickshop scroll bar is now nicely aligned with the edge of the modal, and works properly in IE 11
  • Updated social meta to fix an issue with images on Twitter preview cards
  • Fine tuned alignment of product fitting guide, email, and share columns
February 14th, 2019 – v14.0.1
  • Just updated the theme presets with the latest theme features
February 4th, 2019 – v14.0.0
  • Added a fancy new parallax option to Slideshow and Image with text homepage section
  • Added Menu list homepage section
  • Added FAQ page template
  • Added Sub-collection template
  • Added Collections per row setting to the Collection list page
  • Fixed a weird issue where if your product options contained more than one word and you had the variant options style as “selectable boxes”, your variants would show as out of stock
  • Cleaned up spacing when there is no variant on the product page
  • It’s smooth scrolling in mobile nav now
  • The Currency Converter was being an over achiever and converting currencies even when you had the setting turned off! We’ve told it to only perform it’s magic when you have the setting turned on now
  • New lines no longer get created mid-word in the Footer Message section
  • Cleaned up tab styling on the Product page
  • The cart icon will now appear in the header in all browsers
  • Fixed issue with product images sometimes not loading
  • Product cards with forced image aspect ratios will retain the original image quality
  • Cleaned up sticky Product Details code so that it no longer overlaps with the related products section
  • Fixed maximum width for the rich text section content
  • Header logo is now centered (to 5 decimal places) instead of “kinda in the middle”
  • Fixed border setting behaviour for first home page section
  • Slideshow section has a modern new style
  • Changed Page content width to match blog posts
  • Article counts will no longer appear with tags in the blog sidebar
  • Map section now supports lat/long coordinates
December 20th, 2018 – v13.4.5
  • Fix issue where dropdown menus on the right side of screen would add a horizontal scroll bar
  • Changed dynamic checkout buttons content
  • Changed dynamic checkout buttons to be enabled by default
December 6th, 2018 – v13.4.2
  • Prevent shakiness when homepage slideshow is set to auto-rotate
  • Images in the Instagram homepage section are now appearing again!
  • Added Show Images option to Twitter section
  • You can now choose to show a lock icon on the checkout buttons
  • Rich Text section now loads the correct font for the content
  • Fixed issue where no html was being loaded when a page was selected in the Rich Text section
  • Fixed issue where twitter section would not work with usernames beginning with the @ symbol
  • Slideshow link with no button text now makes the entire slide clickable
  • Removed Image With Text section blocks so merchants will now have to add separate sections if they want multiple Image With Text sections on their homepage
  • Fitting guide links now work
November 2nd, 2018 – v13.4.0
  • Atlantic no longer supports IE 9 or IE 10.
  • There is now a more convenient empty state on the search page for users.
  • The theme now asks Google to only index each collection page once, to improve your SEO!
  • We’ve associated the collection logic with appropriate section in order to avoid future issues.
  • We’ve associated the product item liquid with product item logic to avoid future issues.
  • Also, we’ve associated RTE logic with the appropriate section to avoid future issues.
October 25th, 2018 – 13.3.1
  • We’ve updated the Image Zoom feature! Give it a try, it’s a much smoother ride now.
  • Live Search is now… live!
  • There’s been an increase in the width of the content area on tablet, and on desktop.
  • Quickshop got some new stylin!
  • Blog and Article pages also got a quick makeover.
  • Product Cards and Collections got jealous, so we gave them an update as well.
  • We fixed images losing their styles in RTE content areas.
  • We fixed the issue with images with text staying on one line on mobile.
  • We fixed the issue where newlines would break the theme when added to translations.
  • We fixed the fitting guide not appearing as an option for quickshop.
  • We fixed variant styles not appearing as an option for quickshop.
  • We fixed social sharing not appearing as an option for quickshop.
  • We fixed the overlapping social sharing modal.
  • We fixed the ordering of quickshop settings to match product page settings.
  • We fixed RTE not being initialized in quickshop.
October 16th, 2018 – v13.2.3
  • Having more than 1 Slideshow on the Homepage will no longer cause overlaps while using their controls and navigation.
  • The alignment of the Search bar was all wonky under certain Header conditions.
  • If you’ve got more than 1 Featured Product on your homepage then they can now peacefully coexist, because we all just need to get along.
  • Blog Posts were using lorem ipsum text as placeholders, so we swapped it out for some other default text.
  • The imbedded Instagram feed didn’t seem to be loading anything correctly, but we got that fix in so you can share all the pictures of your food, or vacations, or whatever.
  • Currency conversion was only working when you chose to switch your currency once and now you can switch it as many times as your heart desires!
  • No more Javascript errors when closing the Search.
  • The Editor wasn’t opening Quickshop after changes were made unless you did a refresh, but we weren’t into that.
  • The Editor also wasn’t letting you see your Collection Filters working, and we weren’t into that either.
  • We noticed that the incorrect Theme dependencies were being downloaded which have now been fixed and locked into specific versions.
  • It’s exciting to announce that you can now add Promo Blocks to your Collection screens! (Imagine a drum roll while you read this, please)
  • We’ve updated Pagination styles, filter styles, and list styles for Collections.
  • The responsiveness of the Collection page has also been improved!
  • No longer are the days when Javascript causes crashes when no variants exist for a product.
  • The onboarding experience for the Featured Product section on the Homepage has been improved.
  • Breadcrumbs on the “All Products” collection weren’t generating the correct links, but we didn’t want you to get lost so we fixed it!
  • The Theme Editor was scrolling to the wrong place when a section was being added, but it should all be lined up right now.
  • There was an issue with font weights, causing the Theme Editor to throw some strange errors.
  • SKUs have been added to the Product page where they can be toggled ON / OFF via settings.
  • You’ve got a new option to display product variants as selectable boxes on the product page.
  • Product details can now be left aligned if you choose!
  • Share interactions got an upgrade on the Product page.
  • The fitting guide, email links, and sharing icons have been moved to a more central location, and they got some updated icons!
  • Product pages on Mobile got shifted around slightly, so your variant options are closer to their price.
  • If you’ve got your product gallery set to “Display as list”, then you’ll notice that we’ve switched our brand of glue in order to fix the sticky product details that just weren’t sticking.
  • Oh, and Image Zoom on all of the Product pages is working again!
August 30th, 2018 – v13.0.1
We’ve done a huge overhaul to Atlantic’s design! This includes:
  • New button styles
  • New input styles
  • New icons
  • New mini cart
  • Updated typography
  • Updated colors
  • Updated header styles
  • Updated mega navigation
  • Updated mobile navigation
  • Updated footer
  • Updated cart page
  • Also, those pesky issues with the dynamic payment buttons and the cart redirection settings not working in the quickshop are definitely all fixed up!
July 26th, 2018 – v12.3.2
  • The meganavs we’re refusing to play nice but we’ve got them to come out of their shell, and they’re all back to normal now!
July 17th, 2018 – v12.3.1
  • Added a new setting allowing customers to be brought to the cart page after a product has been added to it.
  • Updated the footer payment icons to use Shopify’s new official icon set.
June 19th, 2018 – v12.2.0
  • Changed the footer credit to be translatable, allowing merchants to remove the credit link without marking their theme as “edited”.
  • Changed the Twitter feed to allow emojis.
  • When we added in the new font settings, we mis-matched the typography for the slideshow subheading. Its back to using the right font!
  • We increased the font size on form fields to stop iOS from zooming in.
  • Fixed an issue with the title on the home page slideshow getting cut off sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where images on the collection pages were blurry.
  • The mini cart icon in the header now updates its product count better.
June 13th, 2018 – v12.1.0
  • Fixed an issue with the image with text section remaining two columns on mobile.
  • Updated newsletter forms to support rich-text so you can link to a privacy policy.
May 31st, 2018 – v12.0.0
  • Added support for the new font picker setting. Soo many fonts! Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
April 5th, 2018 – v11.6.0
  • Implemented responsive and lazy loading images.
April 3rd, 2018 – v11.5.0
  • Implemented support for Shopify’s new dynamic checkout buttons. Now on the product page and quickshop, customers can checkout directly via Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, and Shopify Payments if you have those gateways set up on your store.
  • Fixed the infamous broken Twitter feed.
  • Fixed the broken Instagram feed.
March 8th, 2018 – v11.4.0
  • Implemented new sections on the home page to comply with Shopify’s sections parity update.
January 15th, 2018 – v11.3.1
  • Instagram and Twitter changed some things that made images break in both feeds. We fixed it up!
January 8th, 2018 – v11.3.0
  • Updated the menu system to be integrated with Shopify’s nested navigation update. See this link to get more information on how to set up nested navigation.
November 30th, 2017 – v11.2.8
  • Updated how we handle product inventory to comply with Shopify’s new inventory policies.
November 10th, 2017 – v11.2.7
  • Did some behind-the-scenes work so things run smoothly for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  • Fixed an issue with the cart buttons not appearing in the mini cart if there was more than one product in the cart.
  • Product image zoom works again on iPhones!
  • Fixed a little glitch in the mobile navigation where the navigation would flash when tapping on a menu item.
September 1st, 2017 – v11.2.2
  • Instagram feed shows square images again. All is right in the world.
August 18th, 2017 – v11.2.1
  • This week we decided to be more fun at changelogs. Until now, we thought changelogs were considered the highest form of dry writing. But life is short, and work is fun, and who reads these anyways? Any fun changelog complaints can now be directed to Calvin of our support team.
  • Sometimes payment options would be shown, even if we had no icon for it, resulting in an ugly blank space. We designed our way out of that blank space by only showing payment types that have an icon.
  • Added support for Shopify pay icon in the footer.
  • Improved text alignment on the product page.
  • The “out of stock” error message in the quick shop was busted. Now it works like it does on the product page.
  •  We made a woopsie that allowed people to add more products to their cart from quickshop than was available if quick-add-to-cart was disabled. We fixed that woopsie this week. No more surprises at the checkout!
July 21st, 2017 – v11.2.0
  • Update range settings to sliders in theme editor.
  • Fix issue with wrong variant images showing after rearranging product images.
  • Minor bug fixes.
May 23rd, 2017 – v1.11.2
  • Fixed issue with Twitter feed not displaying tweets.
May 5th, 2017 – v11.1.1
  • Fixed issue with password field not being centred on password page.
  • Fixed issue with image zoom when products were in list view.
  • Fixed issue with variant selector when multiple variant values were repeated.
April 19th, 2017 – v11.1.0
  • Fixed issues with variants not displaying sale prices correctly.
  • Fixed issue with variants not changing on mobile Safari.
  • Fixed issue with page sidebar always being visible.
February 16th, 2017 – v11.0.8
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect variant was being passed to the cart when the quick add-to-cart setting was enabled
February 9th, 2017 – v 11.0.7
  • Added default value to dropdown-link color setting to fix autoupdating themes
February 8th, 2017 – v11.0.6
  • Move currency converter back to global settings
February 6th, 2017 – v11.0.5
  • Added setting for dropdown nav color
  • Added canonical link to <head> for SEO reasons
  • Added image ratio option to product grid settings
  • Added vimeo support for featured video section
  • Added collection image setting
  • Minor bug fixes
December 23, 2016 – v11.0.4
  • Updated theme to comply with Shopify’s Sections new theme editor.
October 20th, 2016 – v10.0.8
  • Fixed issue with broken onboarding content.
  • Minor bug fixes.
September 22nd, 2016 – v10.0.6
  • Integrated Apple Pay icon with cart page.
September 8th, 2016 – v10.0.5
  • Added option for a full width contact page if there’s no other content.
  • Fixed issue with store title and logo overlapping social icons.
  • Minor bug fixes.
August 25th, 2016 – v10.0.3
  • Updated Twitter settings to use username instead of widget ID.
  • Fixed issue with social icons overlapping in header.
  • Added missing Amazon Payments icon.
  • Minor bug fixes.
June 15th, 2016 – v10.0.1
  • Fixed issue with multi-level dropdown menus opening to the left.
June 13th, 2016 – v10.0.0
  • Added setting to enable sticky header.
  • Added setting to enable social icons in header.
  • Implemented optional alternate footer layout.
  • Implemented ability for products to only show in stock variants.
  • Integrated Google Fonts.
  • Added options for brand name, breadcrumbs, sale/sold out badges, and cart icon.
  • Added full width features to home page layout.
  • Added option for a sidebar throughout the theme.
  • Implemented alternate product view and sorting options.
  • Increased default width of all pages.
May 11th, 2016 – v9.9.1
  • Fixed issue with collection pages not loading products.
March 22nd, 2016 – v9.9.0
  • Implemented support for ShopPad apps.
March 8th, 2016 — v9.8.1
  • Minor Twitter bug fix.
  • Implemented ability to show featured blog images on the home page.
  • Updated settings to comply with Shopify’s naming and organization conventions.
December 15th, 2015 — v9.7.2
  • Removed ‘Powered by Shopify’ link in footer.
December 10th, 2015 — v9.7.1
  • Fixed issue Quickshop not opening for products that were sold out.
  • Added responsive and retina compatible logo capability for Password Protected page.
September 17th, 2015 — v9.6.4
  • Fixed issue with “null” displaying in the Mini Cart.
  • Fixed issue with product variants duplicating in Quickshop.
  • Minor bug fix.
July 10th, 2015 — v9.6.2
  • Minor bug fix.
June 25th, 2015 — v9.6.1
  • Fixed issue with variant images not loading in a Related Product’s Quick Shop.
June 11th, 2015 — v9.6.0
  • Added Custom CSS field to Advanced settings.
May 7th, 2015 — v9.5.6
  • Fixed issue with the homepage Featured Products displaying wrong number per row.
April 30th, 2015 — v9.5.5
  • Fixed issue with contact form not submitting.
April 21st, 2015 — v9.5.4
  • Implemented settings_schedma.json and removed settings.html.
April 10th, 2015 — v9.5.3
  • Fixed issue with twitter and instagram feed not appearing.
  • Minor bus fix.
April 2nd, 2015 — v9.5.1
  • Added separate Navigation setting.
March 26th, 2015 — v9.5.0
  • Added option to re-order homepage content.
February 16th, 2015 — v9.4.2
  • Removed checkout settings override.
February 19th, 2015 — v9.4.1
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed issue with Navigation Menu automatically closing on tablets.
February 12th, 2015 — v9.4.0
  • Fixed issue with Product Variants.
  • Added referral link to footer.
  • Fixed issue with Add-to-Cart button.
  • Fixed issue with Sold Out Products being added to Cart.
  • Added an ‘Add to Cart’ button for touch screen devices.
  • Minor bug fixes.
February 5th, 2015 — v9.3.5
  • Fixed issue with empty cart message in mini cart after product is added.
January 29th, 2015 — v9.3.4
  • Added option to disable Ajax.
January 22nd, 2015 — v9.3.3
  • Fixed alignment issue with tabs.
  • Improved SEO.
January 15th, 2015 — v9.3.2
  • Added new styles to checkout page.
December 18th, 2014 — v9.3.0
  • Added feature to enable staying on product page after clicking ‘Add to Cart’.
December 11th, 2014 — v9.2.0
  • Fixed vertical-align in cart.
  • Added image zoom to product page if image is 40% larger than viewable area.
November 27th, 2014 — v9.1.1
  • Fixed issue with multiple items being added to cart when quickly clicking ‘submit’.
November 21st, 2014 — v9.0.1
  • Added option to change product thumbnail orientation.
  • Multiple minor fixes.
November 18th, 2014 — v9.0.0
  • Added internationalization support.
  • Fixed minor bug.
November 12th, 2014 — v8.0.8
  • Fixed minor bug.
October 30th, 2014 — v8.0.7
  • Added spam filter for contact and comment forms.
  • Improved back-end home page settings.
October 23rd, 2014 — v8.0.5
  • Minor bug fix.
October 16th, 2014 — v8.0.4
  • Minor bug fix.
October 9th, 2014 — v8.0.2
  • Minor bug fix.
September 25th, 2014 — v8.0.1
  • Fixed minor bug with collection titles and tags.
September 18th, 2014 — v8.0.0
  • Added Twitter widget.
  • Added Instagram widget.
  • Added option to centre header elements.
September 4th, 2014 — v7.18.2
  • Fixed issue with videos not being visible.
  • Improved support for WebFonts
August 28th, 2014 — v7.18.1
  • Fixed issue with sold out label in related products section.
August 21st, 2014 — v7.17.0
  • Improved Shipping Calculator functionality.
August 7th, 2014 — v7.16.0
  • Added structured date to product page for search optimization.
August 6th, 2014 — v7.15.0
  • Fixed issue with missing image in quick shop.
August 1st, 2014 — v7.14.0
  • Fixed bug with search box.
July 31st, 2014 — v7.13.0
  • Added ‘Sold Out’ label to collection page and related products.
July 22nd, 2014 — v7.12.0
  • Add conditional to close mobile nav if it is open when browser is upsized
July 11th, 2014 — v7.10.0
  • Minor bug fix.
July 11th, 2014 — v7.9.0
  • Fixed Internet Explorer 11 compatibility issues.
July 3rd, 2014 — v7.7.0
  • Added currency converter, so shops can display multiple currencies.
  • Refactored liquid code for the slideshow.
  • Minor bug fixes.
June 24th, 2014 — v7.6.0
  • Fixed issue with retina logo.
  • Added Web Font Loader to import Google fonts.
May 29th, 2014 — v7.5.0
  • Added option for jump-pagination.
May 26th, 2014 — v7.4.0
  • Updated checkout stylesheet to style new Confirmation page for European customers.
April 30th, 2014 — v7.3.0
  • Added retina payment icons.
  • Minor bug fix.
April 28th, 2014 — v7.2.0
  • Minor bug fix.
April 3rd, 2014 — v7.1.0
  • Fixed incorrect shipping/billing addresses on the order template.
  • Ensure link to product page is always available in the modal.
  • Hid ‘Default Title’ variant on the order template.
March 10th, 2014 — v7.0.0
  • Allow tablets to also use the mobile navigation.
  • Added support for a footer link list.
  • Minor bug fixes.
March 3rd, 2014 — v6.1.0
  • Fixed mega nav height calculation.
February 26th, 2014 — v6.0.0
  • Added image/variant association to the cart and mini-cart.
  • Added option to match slideshow width to content width.
  • Added option to display up to 50 products on a collection.
  • Added social meta tags for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Minor bug fixes.
February 11th, 2014 — v5.0.0
  • Added mobile table layout.
  • Added alt tags for all images.
  • Minor bug fixes.
January 29th, 2014 — v4.0.0
  • Updated contact form to display success/error message on submit.
  • Added theme options for custom success/error messages on contact form submission.
  • Prevent tall slideshow slides from overflowing into home page content below.
January 21st, 2014 — v3.1.0
  • Open/close meganav on hover rather than click.
  • Fixed cart.liquid tbody tag from close to open.
January 10th, 2014 — v3.0.0
  • Added a new theme setting for Google Analytics tracking
  • Added a new theme setting for including a retina logo
  • Added a new close button to the Quick Shop modal
  • Added a new theme setting to enable a ‘Fitting Guide’ link on product pages
  • Fixed a minor styling bug in the mobile version of the Mega Navigation
December 31st, 2013 — v2.12.0
  • Un-minified the Javascript for easier editing within Shopify
  • Fixed image thumbnails in the checkout screen (caused by new markup provided by Shopify)
  • Added checkout styling for the new Discount and Gift card sections
  • Added Bitcoin to payment options
  • Fixed color of the search input
December 3rd, 2013 — v2.11.0
  • Removed deprecated Twitter section
November 25th, 2013 — v2.10.0
  • Made body classes more flexible to allow for alternate templates
  • Added ability to link from slideshow slides when no slide text is present
  • Fixed edge case where product tab system could throw an error
  • Fixed a bug where Shipping Calculator could display even if it was disabled
November 1st, 2013 — v2.9.0
  • Fixed ‘reset password’ page
  • Fixed slide links for mobile devices
October 21st, 2013 — v2.8.0
  • Removed Fancy sharing option
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