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Highway to Black Friday 2021: Let's get visible!

Highway to Black Friday 2021: Let's get visible!

Let's get visible! Visible! We don't want you to run a sale that's out of sight and out of mind. Today in our Black Friday prep I’m going to dive right into your sales visibility and how you can make sure your offers work out.

If this sounds difficult, don’t sweat it! Our suggestions are easy to understand and implement. Customers love to feel special and by working with sale badges, availability settings, and popups, you can curate a great experience for them.

Sale Badges

Earlier this year, we made it possible to customize your sale badges per offer. You can highlight important copy to grab interest or clarify your sale to make sure your sale badge is pulling its weight. Here are my top tips:

  • Make each offer stand out. In our demo store, you can see how a handful of offers can be clearly navigated by using text to specify the deal and different colors to bring attention to all the sales. This is especially important if you have several offers running with collections that contain different promotions!
  • Use one badge style site-wide. You’ll also see in our demo that by using the same badge style, it keeps the sale clear without being overwhelming. You’ll get a chance to choose between 8 badge styles so be sure to test them out to see which works best for your product photography.


One of my favourite settings is a bit tucked away but it has a ton of control. At the bottom of each offer, you can target or exclude specific customers. You can choose between targeting logged-in customers or creating a custom URL. Here are my ideas for strengthening your offers:

  • Use customer accounts and tags to set up exclusive sales! This works best if you already have customer accounts set up and have tagged customers based on their actions or interest. If you do, you're halfway there to setting up a personalized discount. Just build the offer and target the tags of your choice! For example, if you have a VIP or Loyalty tag, you can offer them a bit more than other customers to show your appreciation! When these customers log in on your storefront, they’re the only ones who will see the offer.
  • Or use your strong social media following or email list to target specific offers! If requiring your customers to log in isn’t a good fit, creating a custom URL is the way to go! You can create the link and only customers who use it to get to your site will see your sale. This is another great way to offer special sales to your current followers or audiences!

Pixelpop Popups & Banners

Sometimes you just need to flex your sales a little more, and our app Pixelpop Popups & Banners can help. We have a free plan that includes 500 popups so be sure to leverage all the tools you can for your big sales! Pixelpop offers a range of popup styles and you can keep targeting in this app too. I’ve got a few tips left to share:

  • With all the work you're doing to bring customers to your site, set up a popup to capture email addresses or get more follows on social media platforms! If you start those now you can grow your lists to target with an offer like I mentioned above!
  • Interested in the URL offer availability I mentioned earlier? Use that same custom link to connect to a popup for your audience to help them navigate your sale! You can show popups on specific pages or when a customer has arrived through a specific link to control the customer experience.

I hope this helps give your sales some more muscle to make this BFCM your best yet!

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