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Oh, Canada! 10 great Canadian Shopify stores

Oh, Canada! 10 great Canadian Shopify stores

It’s a great time to be a Canadian. Not only are we on top of the world geographically, but right now we’re topping lists for education, social mobility, air quality, and happiness. The Raptors just made franchise history and turned us all into basketball fans. The Weeknd is killing it. Our prime minister is a dreamboat.

Yes, Canadians have plenty of reasons to wave their flags high and proud this Canada Day, but here at Pixel Union we're celebrating the fact that Canada is home to some of the most successful ecommerce sites—and platforms—in the world. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite Canadian online stores, all built using our favourite Canadian ecommerce platform, Shopify. Give ‘em a browse, maybe pick up a canoe paddle or two, and have a great long weekend!



Four Horsemen's homepage



Four Horsemen

For the guys in our Victoria office, shopping local doesn’t get any better than this. Four Horsemen’s brick-and-mortar shop is just up the road from our HQ, but you can browse their largely Canadian-made selection from anywhere using their slick online store. From perfectly cut Wings + Horns chinos to super-cozy Reigning Champ hoodies, they’ll keep you looking good and feeling truly Canadian.



Victoire Boutique's online store




Victoire Boutique

For the ladies, Ottawa-based Victoire Boutique offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that can only be described as “rock n’ roll tea party.” Their gorgeous custom Shopify theme reflects that aesthetic, and the brand's designs—which are almost entirely Canadian—run the gamut from cute to quirky to classic. For rebel girls with good manners everywhere.



Uppercase Magazine's online store



Uppercase Magazine

In an industry where most print publications are fighting to stay alive, it’s impressive to see a magazine that’s been around as long as Uppercase, especially one that’s edited, designed, and published by one woman out of her Calgary studio. With a focus on graphic design, illustration and crafting, every issue of Uppercase is a sight to behold—and their online store ain’t bad, either!



Str/ke Mvmnt's online store



Str/ke Mvmnt

Founded in Vancouver in 2010, Str/ke Mvmnt bills itself as “the original movement brand.” They started out with a single lightweight training shoe—the Interval—and now feature a full catalogue of them, plus a beautiful selection of Canadian-made sweats and branded t-shirts for ladies and gents. Go give your gym bag a boost.



Norquay Co.'s online store



Norquay Co.

Whether you hang them on the wall or dip them in a lake, Norquay Co.’s hand-painted canoe paddles are as Canadian as cottage country. Founded by an artist, adventurist and avid canoeist “obsessed with the great outdoors and equally for great design,” the paddle collections—all named after Canadian regions like Saguenay and Algonquin—are sure to inspire summer adventures. And if you need a canoe to go with your paddle, they’ve got those, too!



Here & Now Botanical's online store




Here & Now Botanicals

Canada's west coast has always had a bit of a hippie vibe, and Here & Now Botanicals fully embrace it with their collection of festival-inspired aromatherapy and skincare products. “From Burning Man to Motion Notion to Shambhala and back again,” their small-batch concoctions endeavour to bottle good vibes and reflect them back in a delicious scent. Whether it’s beard oil or a hangover cure you seek, you’re sure to find it at Here & Now’s free-spirited online store.



Muttonhead's online store




Muttonhead is three things: classic, unisex, and Canadian. Founded by three sisters from Toronto, the brand designs and manufactures closet staples like button-ups, sweatshirts, track pants and baseball caps, all inspired by slow, sustainable fashion. Everything is made using earth-friendly materials and fair trade practices at their Toronto factory, and they’re beginning to mill their own fabrics there as well.



Westerly's online store



Westerly Goods

If you live in Vancouver and want to venture outside between October and May, you know there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get wet. Staying dry usually involves some combination of Gore-Tex and galoshes, but Westerly Goods takes rainy-day style to a new level with their sturdy but stylish umbrellas. Check out their gorgeous online store, then trade in your battered black umbrella for a brand-new fibreglass and maple model.



Viberg Boots' online store



Viberg Boot

No company on this list boasts the same kind of Canadian history as Viberg. Founded in 1931 by Ed Viberg in Victoria, the company remains entirely family-owned and operated, and it continues to manufacture some of the most durable, comfortable stitch-down leather boots you can find anywhere. Check out their handsome online store and start saving for a pair.





49th Parallel

If you can’t stop by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters in Vancouver for an orange pistachio doughnut and the best latte of your life, you’ll have to settle for the beans and merch they sell on their online store. It’s a bummer you’ll miss out on the doughnut, but browsing their online shop is a nice consolation treat.

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