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Pixel Union Agency and Apps launch new brands

Pixel Union Agency and Apps launch new brands

Pixel Union Agency is now Knit and all of your favourite Shopify apps are now under a new brand, Orbit.
Pixel Union started in 2010 as a theme developer and, over time, added apps to their product roster as well as an agency team. Now, after many years as one big group, the apps and agency divisions are splitting off on their own paths. 
While we all have different names now, we are still connected as a part of the WeCommerce family, which includes other amazing companies like Stamped, Rehash, Foursixty, Archetype Themes, and KnoCommerce.

How does this affect Agency and Apps merchants?

It doesn’t! The team at Knit is as ready as ever to support brands launching on Shopify. The apps you know and love will remain the same under the Orbit brand (and some will get even better – continuous improvement is always the goal!)
Questions, concerns, or feedback? Get in touch with us, Knit or Orbit — we always love to hear from you.
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