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Pixelpop now has markdown support & device targeting!

Pixelpop now has markdown support & device targeting!

Everybody wants options. Whether you’re deciding where to go for dinner, what to order when you get there, or even how to pay the bill, we can all agree that choice is a good thing.

In the past few weeks we’ve added a pair of new premium features to Pixelpop that give you even more options when it comes to customizing your popups and banners.

The first is the ability to add text styling and links to your popup’s body content. We had a lot of users ask for this feature, and we made it happen using Markdown—a text-to-HTML conversion tool that makes it easy to add formatting to plain text.

Now, instead of your popup being limited to standard text, you can add emphasis with bold, italics and strikethrough text. We’ve also added the ability to insert hyperlinks into your body text, as well as line breaks if your popups demand a second paragraph.

Find out more about adding text styling to your popups here.

The second new Pixelpop feature is Device Targeting. Now, in addition to targeting visitors based on location, the pages they visit, and where they’re visiting from (using URL and UTM parameters), you can now target by device. Just choose whether to show your popup only on desktop computers, only on mobile, or to all visitors across all devices.

This feature is super helpful if you think customers are less likely to convert on mobile, or if you have a special offer you’d like to extend only to mobile users. It’s all about personalizing the customer experience, right?

If you’re already a Pixelpop user on a premium plan, you can log in to your dashboard to try these features right now. And if you aren’t using Pixelpop, you can sign up for a 14-day Pro trial on Shopify or BigCommerce. It’ll be the best thing you do all day.

We’ll be announcing more features soon, so stay tuned!

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