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Smart Shipping Bar: A new Shopify app to boost your holiday sales

Smart Shipping Bar: A new Shopify app to boost your holiday sales

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re shopping online and you go to check out, only to realize you’re $11 shy of qualifying for free shipping. You could pony up the extra $9.99 for shipping… or you could add a pair of socks to your order. It’s a no brainer, right? You get the socks.

A recent UPS survey found that 58% of consumers will add items to their cart to qualify for free shipping. Another found that 9 in 10 consumers would shop online more often if shipping were free.

These are the stats and scenarios we had in mind when we designed our beautiful, brand new Shopify app, Smart Shipping Bar.

By telling customers how close they are to receiving free shipping, you’re effectively motivating them not only to complete their purchase but to increase the value of their order. Who would have thought something so simple could be the key to ecommerce success?

But let’s talk about this app. Like all our Shopify apps, Smart Shipping Bar is all about motivating customers and maximizing sales, helping you create elegant, eye-catching, and, dare we say, irresistible promotional bars for your store.

The smart shipping bars you create with Smart Shipping Bar show customers how much they need to spend in order to receive free or discounted shipping. As the customer adds items to their cart, the bar’s messaging updates in real time, letting them know how close they are to reaching your defined “cart goal.”

Once the customer has added that critical pair of socks or lipstick and met your discounted shipping threshold, the bar congratulates them with a “success” message and encourages them to check out. They’ve scored a great deal, and you’ve locked in that sale—at a higher order value to boot.

We’ve designed Smart Shipping Bar to be easy to use and highly customizable, with scores of font, colour, and background options. Choose from one of our 17 professionally designed themes, or use the advanced customization options to style your own and perfectly match the look and feel of your store.

We’ve also built in a number of controls to ensure your promotion bar finds the right audience at the right time. Premium users can schedule their bars to display only on certain dates, as well as target by page, device, and country. There’s no limit to the number of bars you can create on the premium plan, meaning you can build unique bars for different audiences and shipping zones.

With Black Friday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to add a free shipping promotion to your store. Smart Shipping Bar takes seconds to install (no code changes required!) and not much longer than that to create your first bar.

Head to the App Store to learn more, and start promoting free shipping and increasing order values right away.

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