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Ultimate Special Offers Q4 in Review

Ultimate Special Offers Q4 in Review

Another round of our quarterly review went out last week! It gives us a chance to tell merchants what happened with Ultimate Special Offers in the past quarter, and to highlight resources that may be helpful to them. If you use Ultimate Special Offers, or if you're looking for a sales and discounts Shopify app, read on!

Since Black Friday Cyber Monday happened in Q4, we shared how well it went for merchants, along with the entire quarter:

Statistics on the success of merchants using Ultimate Special Offers in Q4 2021


Almost $20 million in just 4 days! Great stuff for our awesome merchants. Speaking of awesome merchants, the review also featured our Merchant Spotlight on Cravings Gourmet Popcorn, right here on the blog.

We also highlighted some of the content we shared for BFCM, which is helpful year round!

Lastly, we reminded merchants that if they're not using post-purchase offers, they should be!

Are you a Shopify merchant and you're not using Ultimate Special Offers? Install it today!

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